Doodle of Alfred from an OC with Nico and Holly that I particularly liked!

Some #MLP art to remind you that I’m pony loving garbage

One Up is mine, Dirty Hooves is d1rtypaws

I made a #FNAF oc because I’m fandom garbage
Design will probably be altered later on, this is for future art purposes.

This is Whitty Weasel, or who most patrons have lovingly named “Wobbles” due to his awkward head shape causing him to have a good amount of spills.

-He’s the animatronic that dispenses tickets, tokens and prizes (hooks up to a prize counter that slides prizes down a chute). When free roaming the arcade, he sometimes vanishes for an hour or two to steal what belongings you have left carelessly sitting around.
-His neck is on a swivel for comedic “blown away” animations. Also good for keeping an eye on you wherever you go!
-He is known for heckling patrons with knee-slapping insults like “wow kid, did your goldfish teach you to throw?”. He has some recordings that many people are not sure the origins of, and despite best efforts cannot be removed. These heart warming phrases include “Watch you fucking tongue kid before it gets lost somewhere.” & the very common “Don’t lose sight of your parents, fella. You don’t know what’s waiting around the corner.” in a charming, gravelly voice. These responses only seem to come out when you’ve made fun of him, or referred to him as “Wobbles”. Maybe he’s sensitive?
-Many on-site “accidents” have been his fault one way or another.
His voice sounds similar to this (Gniles), with the additional distortions of a speaker/animatronic:

Pretty pleased with this guy thus far. Alterations are in his future, but for now this does the job.

Some badges that I’m pretty happy with.

Characters belong to Frindle and Syrian.

Finished this doodle of Alfred to cheer myself up a lil bit.

Ref sheet for my dogsona!

I did an art trade with one of my best friends he is over here!!


Who didn’t see this coming, anyway

d1rtypaws carrionenthusiast #fnaf


Some personal vent art.

Bow Down